Getting your message out there can be important since we all have a million different ads being thrown at us on a daily basis. Generally, grocery stores don't have much of an issue grabbing your attention when it comes to items on special, especially around the holidays. So rather than tossing up a boring old sign talking about savings, why not get a little creative when talking about a specific item? The IGA market in Brewer did just that.

Shared on Reddit by jet-judo, the IGA in Brewer appears to be channeling a memorable moment from a classic "Family Guy" episode. In that episode, Brian and Stewie are going back-and-forth about a topic (as they often do) when suddenly Brian becomes distracted by how Stewie is pronouncing Cool Whip. Brian becomes laser-focused on why Stewie is putting so much emphasis on the H in whip and not the W.

There's also a scene from the cult-favorite Andy Samberg movie "Hot Rod" where he emphasizes the H over the W for two straight minutes. It's one of many scenes in that movie that will leave you shaking your head.

Beyond the inside joke, Cool Whip being 10 for $10 bucks sounds like a pretty rad deal as pie season is upon us. Hop in your set of hwheels and drive on over bub.

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