Hey, that $4 could get you into any of the hottest discos in town!

I think we could all use a fun, lighthearted story right about now. The folks at the York Maine Police Department provided everyone with a smile recently on their Facebook page.

In a recent post, the York PD let it be known that they recently received payment for a 42-year-old parking ticket. Yes, the ticket was 42 years old.

Back on July 22,1978, it would have been a real drag to pick up your car after a night of furious disco dancing to Donna Summer in your groovy bell bottom jeans, and find a ticket for a whopping $3 on your windshield. In fact it might have been a situation where you just tossed it in a junk drawer and forgot about it. Not sure about a night of boogie fever, but the ticket part did happen.

The ticket was made out to someone who now resides in Massachusetts, and faster than you can say nearly 42 years later, a letter and not so prompt payment in the form of a check for four bucks (that’s an extra dollar in there for a late fee charge) was sent to the York, Maine Police Department.

York PD decided not to cash the check, but did ask permission if they could share the story on social media with rest of the world, which as far as we can tell is worth a hell of a lot more than a lousy four bucks. The tardy ticket holder agreed, and now we all can enjoy that laugh.

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