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After a much too short weekend, we all came back to work on a chilly, dreary, Monday to shoot the breeze, and as usual, we have some funny and truly weird stories to share.

  • "Something stinks at Walmart"-Yeeeee haw! At the Wally World in Edmond, Oklahoma, a skunk was discovered in the Men's shoe department (Insert your owm smelly foot joke) The store has to be evacuated and closed for a short period of time, while local wildlife authorities were brought to remove Pepe Le Pew.
  • "8th time's the charm!"-Police in Ontario, Canada, pulled over a man for speeding thatt has been issued EIGHT seperate lifetime driving bans. This did not encourage him to not get a ninth. He had no insurance, no plate, speeding, driving under suspension. Sure this will finally teach him the lesson.
  • "Bowling-New Jersey Style...oh!"-Typical Saturday night, when four bros in New Jersey got busted for attempting to shoot bowling balls out of a canon. The cops caught them dragging a canon through a field on a trailer that was hooked up to a truck. They found all kinds of stuff. Firewroks, bowling balls, a box containing a powdery black chemical, belived to be explosive. They also found a little weed, and a couple of glass pipes...and a partridge in a pear tree.
  • "The perfect Tinder Match" Rolf Buchholz is one interesting dude. The german man is now a Guimmess World Record holder because of the sheer insanity of the amount of body modifications he has. 516 total! He has many tattoos, 453 piercing, 158 alone near his lips, two lovely goat bumps on his head and serveral other subdermal implants. Aaaaand, he says he's not done yet. Don't try this at home, kiddos! If you want to get a good look at all of them, we have a lovely video for you to check out.

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