After a rough week, it was time to have some fun this morning!

It has been an unsettling week in this country, so I speak for everyone when I say "Thank TODD It's Friday" We kicked things off this morning talking about some of the weather people who have passed through the hallowed halls of WABI-TV 5 over the years. Shout outs to McLovin, Chris Lambert, Greg Dutra, and Jessica Marie, who all used to come the Z Morning Show. We miss talking with all of you!

And of course, we had the usual collection of morons, and weird news to chat about too!

"I'll have a Big Nap"-A drunk dude in Florida, fell asleep behind the wheel, and was snoring loudly in the drive-thru lane at the local McDonalds. He told the responding officers that he pounded about 8 beers, and some rum runners at a bonfire. Paaaarty! Also, he didn't have a license. He was arrested on several charges.

"Dude, Where's My Car?"-People in a neighborhood in Shefford, U.K., decided to throw a 1-year birthday party for a silver VW Gulf that has been parked in the same space since December of 2019! One tire is flat, the car is full of trash, and no one seems to know who it belongs to. The car was covered in some festive decorations, with banners and ballons.

"You're A Mean One Grandma Grinch"-A grandmother in Tennessee pulled a rather Grinchy move a few weeks ago, when she stole her grandchild's Christmas gifts right from under the tree, including a Nintendo Switch. 43-year old Amy Best, was charged with theft, and is being held while police continue to investigate.

Have a great weekend, and be sure to join us weekdays from 6-9 on The Z Morning Show!

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