We are back after a long holiday weekend!

On today's Z Morning Show, we learned that Sarah will be working from home for the forseeable future, due to the COVID-19 uptick here in Penobscot County. So with the magic of Microsoft Teams, she will be doing the show from her basement, while I hang in the studio...alone:(

We had three crazy stories to share with everyone this morning, including one from the craziest state in the country, Florida!

"Butt crack is wack"-A big fight broke out at a Wawa convenience store in Lauderhill, Florida. When Guy#1 held the door open for Guy#2. Guy#2 was not happy about this, and the fists started flying. Unfortunately, Guy#1 lost his pants in the process. You can see his bare butt as he gets pummeled while on the ground. As a treat for you all, we have the video. Enjoy

"Don't go to Taco Bell hangry!"-A Taco Bell in Idaho didn't give a customer the extra hot sauce he wanted, so he decided to be a creep about it, holding up the line, and causing a traffic jam. So then, the cops were called, then Mr.Grumpy Pants left without further incident.

"My Sax Is On Fire"-Stephen Moran, who apparently is a well know saxophone player in the Bridgeport, Connecticut area, got arrested for trying to burn down a local strip club, that refused to let him in. When he left, he set fire to a shrub, which got put out, but he later returned with a gasoline can, whcih he splashed all over the building and then set on fire.

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