If you didn’t wake up with The Z Morning Show today, why bother waking up at all?

A new week is upon us, and we had many things to chat about with Todd Simcox today. First of all, we discovered a video of a kid from out of state that decided to try a bunch of Maine made products, including Todd’s Salsa! He loved it, but made the critical error of drinking Moxie directly after. We of course then got into a debate about how awful Moxie is, and we were all in agreement that it tastes horrible. The kid in the video however, loved it.

“DON’T hold the lettuce”-A guy from Florida (where else?) got his knickers in a knot last Wednesday, when a local burger joint ran out of lettuce for his cheeseburger. Henry Arce-Cabellero went nutty and started screaming and pounding on the windows of the restaurant. The cops were called because the employees feared for their safety. Henry was arrested, hopefully they will have plenty of roughage for him in jail.

“Kimberly Ragsdale FBI”-Kimberly George Ragsdale was arrested in Dallas, Georgia, after she tried to convince the employees at Chick-fil-A, that she should get free food because she is an FBI agent, which of course, she isn’t. She told officers that she no ID, because her FBI credentials were electronic. Best of all, after being cuffed, she pretended to talk into a radio in her shirt, asking for FBI backup. Whole lotta cray-cray.

The best part of the conversation was the forecast! Sunny, mild and upper 60’s today, and low 70’s!!! tomorrow. Enjoy it, and join us weekdays from 6-9.

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