Where does your favorite Maine food rank?

A guy on YouTube, named 'Tuesday Bingo' likes to do research for vacations, trips and adventures, including food, all to help you have a tastier and more enjoyable travel experience. He recommends that you try these foods out to connect with your destination better. And what better place to do that, than the State of Maine.

After surveying over 450 people, Tuesday Bingo, put together a list of the Top 10 authentic foods people should try, when visiting Maine.

Best of all, he really did his homework on this, giving a brief history of each item, and why it is so beloved here.

He seems genuinely surprised that the Italian sandwich is so popular in the Pine Tree State, but for those of us who grab one for lunch, with a bag of Humpty Dumpty chips, and an ice cold Moxie, can attest to its greatness!

Here are the Top 10 Most Authentic Foods Eaten In Maine:

#10-Fiddleheads-I'm no fan, but people freak out during Fiddlehead season
#9-Baked Beans-Yes, yes, and hell yes! One of my faves
#8-Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips-They are an absolute must. The "all dressed" are the best
#7-Maine Italian-It brings back memories of waiting in line at the Coffee Pot in Bangor, just to get a Super Deluxe Salami!
#6-Moxie-Maine's polarizing soft drink isn't for everyone, but once in awhile, it hits the spot
#5-Clams-Nothing better than a basket of fried clams at a fair
#4-Blueberry-This isn't even narrowed down to one item, we just love it all here in Maine! Pies, soda, jam, etc...
#3-Whoopie Pie-The ultimate Maine sweet treat
#2-Red Hot Dog-They make any summer BBQ a hit
#1-Lobster-Not a surprise here, but I must confess, I do not partake in this Maine delicacy

There it is! If you are planning a trip here, this is a good head start to enjoying all the tasty treats here in the 207.

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