If you didn't wake up with The Z Morning Show, why bother getting up at all?

We started off the chat today giving Todd grief because he has never seen "Borat", making it highly unlikely that he will watch the sequel, currently burning up Amazon Prime.

We then switched gears to yack about the upcoming the "Saved By The Bell" reboot, which drops on Peacock, starting November 25th. Zack Morris is now the Governor of California (which is a ridiculous plot point) and he has a son named "Mac" who goes to Bayside High of course, but the whole thing reminded me of the night that Screech was in Bangor, and how I spent about a half hour chatting with him and doing shots at the bar together. He was a weird cat.

The main focus today was on a guy named Leonard Shoulders (best name ever) who hails from New York City. Lenny was casually strolling down the street, when the concrete literally collapsed beneath his feet, he fell about 15 feet, sending him down into a basement, where he was covered with rats, so much so that he didn't dare to call for help because he did not want to open his mouth! That's how many rodents cornered him.

He was stuck down there for a full thirty minutes before he was rescued. He suffered some injuries for his trouble as well. When taken to the hospital, he had a broken arm, broekn leg, and had several scrapes across his face.

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