Start your day, the Z Morning Show way!

We started off things today with the wonderful news that Dr. Nirav Shah, the rockstar from the Maine CDC, will join us Wednesday morning at 8:30. Todd. of course had to attempt to rain on my parade with some snide comments about how this interview would be the low point of the good doctors career. It just seems like petty jealsy to me, but what do I know? Once the smoke cleared from that argument, we shared some delilghtful wierd and wacky stories.

"A Very Covid Christmas"-An Illinois woman who ordered some flags for her grandma's garden, got a little more than she bargained for, when her package from Kohl's, also contained a used COVID-19 test speciemn swab, that was delightfully packed in a biohazard bag. The police were called, and Kohl's has offered up an apology, even thought they did directly mail the package.

"Crappy Wine Is Fine"-An illegal winery has been busted for a operating at a municipal sewage plant in Alabama. Sounds delicious huh?

"Mc Gross"-McDonalds in China has come up with a rather unusual new sandwich. This lovely treat contains that delicacy, Spam, which is a brand of canned cooked pork made by Hormel Foods Corporation, and is best stored away in a nuclear bomb shelter, when there is no other food alternative. That's pretty gross right? Well, it gets weirder. The sandwich also contains crushed Oreo cookies, and is topped with mayo. Thankfully, for all of us here in the United States, there are no plans to bring this monstrosity to America.

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