We all love our WABI-TV5 guy, Todd Simcox.  You hear him regularly on the Z Morning Show and love the banter he provides with that one of a kind laugh.

But, Todd is more than just a weather guy and salsa engineer.  He's also a giver.

Todd is taking part in a fundraiser today that is raising money for the United Way of Eastern Maine and you can help!

If there is a total of $500 raised today (by 3:14, which of course is pie time... get it), T-Bone will be Facebook Live with a big ol' shaving cream pie right in the mug.

To help reach the goal, visit SutherlandWeston.com/pie and help Todd complete his good deed, undoubtedly one that we all can get behind.

In addition to Todd getting a pie in the face, you can donate for members of Sutherland Weston to get pies in the face, too.  For every $50 raised, Cary Weston, Dan Cashman and Ric Tyler could get a pie in the face.  You can donate to either of them to gear your money towards a pie in either of their faces.

UPDATE:  $550 was raised and Todd, indeed, did get pied in the face.

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