It's that time of year again when the Hallmark movie channel is playing their own original movies non-stop.  All of them usually involve a love story and a few basic story elements that are kind of interchangeable which probably include a busy single woman, a rural living single guy, a tree farm, a bakery, witty banter and a wholesome sickly sweetness that borders cringy.  BUT, we love them, we watch them and we bare no shame snuggling into a warm blanket with our cup of tea and watching 6 hours of these movies in one sitting.

Here is a quiz created of actual Hallmark Holiday Movie titles mixed in with a few we've made up to test your ability to sniff out the imposter title.  We used some title elements that include a reference of the holiday (such as Christmas, Holiday, Season, Holly), with possibly a mention of a location (Nashville, Austin, In a cabin or chateau) and adding a dash of romantic imagery (Kiss, Royal, Wedding, Heart, Starlight).  Combining, intertwining or putting a twist on a holiday phrase using these elements usually makes for a winning Hallmark Holiday Movie title.

This quiz was tested on the Z Morning Show with Kid and Sarah in which Eastern Maine learned Kid needs some work on picking out the fake Hallmark Holiday Movie title names.

It's time to put your skills to the test. How well do you think you'll do trying to pick out the fake Hallmark Holiday movie titles?  Try it out and then listen in to see how Kid did.

Good luck!

How did you do?  Some of these titles are a bit too on the nose so, it can be hard to distinguish how far fetched the movie concept could really be to actually be a Hallmark Holiday Movie title.

Now that you are into it this far, you might as well go watch some Hallmark Holiday Movies and indulge in the sickly spirit of the holidays.

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