We are in the very thick of the holiday season which only means one thing, lots and lots of Hallmark Holiday movie binge-watching.

It's our guilty pleasure and we just can't get enough of them simply because these specially made movies are kind of oddly comforting.  The spark of love, the holiday spirit, the seemingly familiar actors that we've seen somewhere before but I just can't put my finger on it.

One thing to really enjoy about these movies are the outlandish plots that have a lot of commonalities.  First of all, they are usually love stories about starting a relationship.  Next, they are usually set in a location where the season is unmistakably winter, such as Colorado or Vermont.  Bonus points for a New England setting.  And, of course, you have to have Christmas spirit change the mood of one grinchy, grumpy character and/or a successful woman lost in the woes of her career succumb to the simple life of the country.

The dialogue is vanilla, the love story can be a bit far-fetched, the story can't hold too much weight because then we've over-reached the light-heartedness of the Holiday Hallmark Movie branding.

We wanted to create a quiz to see if you could sniff out the plots that are fake from the plots that are real.  Below, you'll be given a plot that could be a real Hallmark Holiday movie plot or a fake Hallmark Holiday movie plot.  We've gotten a little sneaky and used some inspired Hallmark Holiday movie plots and worked off of those to generate fake plots.

Put yourself to the test and see if you can pick out the fake and the real Hallmark Holiday movie plots.  Good luck!

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