People questioning the legitimacy of Maine has been on my radar since I was a young teen. I'll never forget going to a youth leadership program when I was 14 with kids from across the country. Some people thought Maine was part of Canada, or we were living similarly to the pilgrims.

Apparently, the smartest kids didn't attend this program.

Now I find myself regularly getting razzed about "living" in Maine on Twitter. That we're Canada Lite, that we don't have Internet, and that we just don't plan exist. We're a myth, a rumor, a brainchild of Stephen King.

Then I was sent this TikTok. This running joke runs deep. At the time of posting this TikTok from @bigtittychronicles has over 628k views and nearly 5k comments.

Hi Ms. @bigtittychronicles. I promise we're real. Unless all of us are living in an alternate reality. I suppose one can never completely rule that out.

So I decided to have some fun with it to prove how deep this goes and put up a simple Twitter poll asking, "Is Maine real?". Only up for 7 hours and receiving 329 votes, 54.1% of people voted "No".

Some of the comments were absolute gold.

Ok, fair point. And this does look straight out of a Stephen King novel.

In conclusion, can any of us really be sure?

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