You know we at the Z Morning Show love the Hallmark Channel movies that come out for the holiday season.

Here we are playing a game of is it a real Hallmark Movie or a fake Hallmark Movie.

And, here we are playing a fill-in-the-blank of Hallmark Movie titles.


So, we wanted to highlight some of Hallmark's movies that are out right now for the fall season.

These movies have become American cult classics. The formulaic storylines are the staple for a classic Hallmark movie.  Of course, it's centered around a love story between a woman and man usually taking place in a small town.  But, the channel likes to mix it up according to the season with time appropriate events.

The movies are predictable throughout the acts of the movie and the Hallmark Channel usually airs these cookie-cutter classics one after another so, this is prime lazy TV watching time where viewers become captured into a comfortable coma of marathon TV watching.  Before you know it, it's 4 PM and you've watched six of these bad boys.  It's not a proud moment.  Especially if you've turned the watching experience into a drinking game, cause you'd be pretty liquored up by 4 PM.

A typical storyline would be a career-driven woman from the big city travels to a small town to do work on her family farm, gets swept up with the charms of the town and a single and attractive Mr. Y to which she falls in love with this new life and ends up staying in the little town and doing what she always wanted to do, own a bakery.  Not always the case, but, this is just to get the feel of what you are in for with a typical Hallmark Channel movie.

Here, is a list of past autumn charmers from the Hallmark Channel for your fall binge-watching marathons.

Hallmark Channel Movies For the Autumn Season

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