Here's the latest edition of 'Sarah's Shame Shack', a way for kid and Sarah to really call-out those that need shaming during the coronavirus pandemic.

Today's edition shames Alton, Illinois where the mayor's wife was found at the local Tavern after her husband had issued a strict stay-at-home order. Maybe the town is just too tempting for those who need to get their 'social fix'. Maybe it needs to be more like our Alton- Alton, Maine.

Here's today's transcript:

Shame on you, Alton, Illinois. You are such a bustling metropolis that your Mayor inforced a stay-at-home order for your city that the Mayor's wife couldn't even adhere to. She received backlash after carouzing at the town's Tavern. Maybe, Mrs. Brant Walker's actions are not a result of poor judgement by a public figure by association but rather shows the temptation that a town like Alton, Illinois causes. You have a bar in-town and of course people are going to want to socialize. What else do you have- a gym? A bowling alley? A park?
Well, Alton, Illinois, shame on you! Perhaps you should model your city after our Alton- Alton, Maine. A town devoid of the tempation of social situations and perfect for social distancing. Our Alton, just north of Old Town on Route 16, is basically Route 16, a convenience store and a bog. Now, there is an elementary school, for 40 students mind you, and, of course, the ever-popular Happy Acres Hall, where lots of mythological figures have emerged BUT it's byob- not a supplier! Our Alton should be the prime example of what every Alton should be modeled after in these times of extreme social distancing and a deterient of deviant close encounters.
Shame on you, city of Alton, Illinois be a better Alton and stop tempting the Mayor's wife!

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