The Z Morning Show took no time to wait on what could be the future of the Todd Simcox empire. WABI-TV5 weatherman and salsa-maker extraordinaire may be the highlights of his career so far but T-Bone has many more mountains to climb, including retail.

Many discussions on the Z Morning Show seem to center on basic human functions and needs, but the toilet and what happens around and in it seem to be of particular fascination for the Z morning crew and Todd Simcox during their weekday morning chats.

It was revealed yesterday that Todd's fascination has a possibility to transpire into a productive reality with the idea of opening a toilet shoppe, named Todd's Toilets.  The key to the store's success, explains Simcox, would be the selection of high end toilets and the ability for the consumer to test out the product before purchasing.

With this being known, the Z staff created a sample radio ad for T-Bone.  It was unveiled to the public and Todd this morning during the Z Morning Show. Play the video above to listen.

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