So, it's time to get our WhaZ NewZ on my friends, and this week, we're talking about the same thing that pretty much everyone in the universe has been talking about this week...

Lobsters that are on the Devil's Lettuce!!!!!

Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound had the brilliant idea of trying to chill their soon-to-be-cooked lobsters out with some good old fashioned cannabis smoke. they claimed it chilled the bugs right out, and possibly presented a more humane way to kill the lobsters before they hit the pot. Although, it sounds like they already hit the pot.

Anyway...enjoy our lovely conversation about a subject we can barely believe we're discussing. And be sure to scope our Facebook Comment of the Week from Liz McMullen!

So stop on by Liz, and pick up your wicked decent mug!!

Anyway, have an awesome weekend, and stay wicked cool, Bangor!!!

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