Boiled or baked, or, both?

Before being thrown into the boiling water for consumption, some lobsters at Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound in Southwest Harbor are ingesting marijuana smoke for a more humane way of dying.

According to an article on, Charlotte Grill experimented with a lobster named Roscoe by placing the crustacean into a covered box with about two inches of water on the bottom.  Roscoe then spent about two minutes in this box as pot smoke was fed through the water and up into the cavity.  After ingesting the smoke, Roscoe's  claw bands were removed, and the very mellow lobster was thrown into the tanks with the others.

Apparently, with his claws fully available to use, Roscoe never attacked any of the other others over a three week period, and Gill said that the other lobsters attitude changed as well.  After Gill was convinced that Roscoe was experiencing no adverse effects, he was eventually returned to the ocean as a "thank you" for going through the smoke hazed process.

Gill, a medical marijuana caregiver, hopes that this makes for a "less traumatic" death, and now serves these particular lobsters up only for customers that request them, although, she hopes that someday all of her lobsters are buzzed before being boiled. She continues to serve the majority of her lobsters that have been killed the traditional way, boiled in water.

After being boiled well above the temperature that THC breaks down and dissipates in, Gill is confident that the marijuana infused lobsters that she serves will have no remnants of THC left in them as they make their way to the customer's plates.

So which would you choose, boiled or baked, or both?


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