Luckily no one was hurt, but admit it, you chuckled!

There is truly nothing like live television. Sure, you could make the case that being on the radio every day is the same thing, but there is something extra special about it when it's on TV. For one thing, no one can see my face when I say something dumb on the air (which is pretty much every day) that's why it makes me laugh even harder when it happens on the boob tube.

Since it is a #Throwback Thursday, check out this video from 2018, when News Center Maine journalist Samantha Sugerman, was just about set to go live "on the air", from Norridgewock, when a couple on a ATV come barreling across the intersection, then all hell breaks loose from there.

Again, it is important to point out, that the riders were fine, it's kina hard not to laugh when they roll that thing to the ground.

Some of the comments about the video are amusing as well:

Is Maine real?

Sherri ☆Mainely_Journals
No one goes running over to see if they're ok. LOL Only in Maine You guys got this!  yup….Maine for sure…….you guys ok?……rub some dirt on it

Frigging Norridgewock for ya lol

Mainers being Mainah’s lol

That’s in norridgewock how do Ik cause that’s my brother

It’s Maine you just get up and go on your way

We have to give an honorable mention to our pal, Todd Simcox, from Channel 5, who channeled his inner Clark Griswold, during a cooking segment. Bravo!

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