Representing the 207, King Kyote delivered the goods on national TV!

There is no doubt that there are a ton of reality singing contests on television, whether it’s American Idol, The Voice, or seemingly many, many others, but a new one on NBC takes a different approach to the usual format of these types of shows.

American Song Contest airs every Monday night at 8 pm, right here in Bangor, on WLBZ-TV, Channel 2, and it is not your average competition.

The show, which is hosted by Snoop Dog and Kelly Clarkson, comes from the perspective of the singer/songwriter. It debuted on March 21st, and over the next several weeks, 56 artists from each state in the U.S., will perform with the hopes to win the vote for best original song.

Jon King, who goes by the stage name of King Kyote, hails from York, Maine. His musical style is kind of a hybrid of rock and folk music, which is known as "Americana". On Monday, he performed his original tune “Get Out Alive” on the show. Atlantic Records will also be releasing the song to the public.

Check out King Kyote’s appearance on the show, and if you like what you see, you can cast your vote here

We wish him good luck, and if you are really into his music, he is on social media too, so you can enjoy more!

King Kyote Facebook page

King Kyote website

King Kyote Instagram

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