They didn’t even go to Stephen King’s house!

Maine Life Media is on the road and on your TV each week. “Maine Life” is a show that highlights all things that make Maine the best place to live & work! Former TV anchor Erin Ovalle, travels all around the Pine Tree State, to celebrate all the cool things that are happening here at home, and when you watch, it can give you some great ideas for places to hit when you hit the open road this summer.

The show airs every Saturday night, from 7:00 pm-8:00 pm on WLBZ Channel 2, and coming up this week, they pay a visit to The Queen City of Bangor!

One of the great things about living in Bangor is the incredible amount of local businesses that are thriving here. In this episode, they make stops at the tasty, Wicked Brew Cafe, Smoke & Steel BBQ, for a little ax-throwing fun, delicious delights at Bangor Wine & Cheese, and of the best spots to dine anywhere in the state, the amazing Fiddlehead Restaurant.

They actually did visit the iconic West Broadway home of Stephen King, back in 2019, and made a stop for some cold brews at Mason’s Brewing Company in Brewer, and the hipsters bar of choice, Nocternem Draft Haus, which is located right in the heart of Downtown Bangor.

Be sure to explore the best of the 207, every Saturday night with Maine Life, and don't miss it, when the spotlight shines on Bangor this weekend!

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