After a whopping 43 years on the air, a Maine legend is calling it a day!

It sure is funny how you just take some things for granted. You always think the people you watch on TV, or listen to on the radio, or watch play sports, will do it forever. Obviously, this is not the case.

Since way back in 1979. Pat Callaghan, has been a part of the News Center Maine team, as both a reporter in the field, and also as anchor for the nightly news, but it is all coming to an end.

This Friday, at 6pm, Pat will do his final newscast on WLBZ Channel 2, before he heads off into the sunset, after a pretty remarkable career in Maine media.

From United States Presidents, to musicians, and athletes, he has talked to them all at some point over the past 43 years.

Let’s not forget all the major news stories he has covered in that amount of time. War, a pandemic, politics, he has seen it all. Pretty staggering if you think about it.

And of course, we have to mention all of the various charitable events that our friends at News Center Maine have been part of over the years.

So, this Friday evening, be sure to tune in to see the farewell of a Maine TV icon.

In this day and age, 43 years is a major accomplishment, so thank you for all the memories over the years, Pat.

Enjoy your retirement!

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