He's crazy, but we love him.

To celebrate Throwback Thursday, we dug up a gem of a video from a few years back, featuring one of the Z Morning Show's most beloved characters not named Chris Popper...#ohhi

One morning when my friend Dan O' Connell was co-hosting the show, the infamous "Brown Hornet" just HAD to stop by. You see Dan, is the head coach of the John Bapst football team and back in his glory days, Hornet was one hell of a football player, so he had to show Dan that he still had game.

Unbeknownst to us, he shows up in the parking lot of the radio station while we are on the air and proceeds to throw several tires out of his truck and busts out some old school football drills, while Coach O' Connell observed with his trusty whistle.

We haven't heard from BH in awhile, but he always makes an impression when he decides to contribute to the show!

My friend and John Bapst football coach Dan O'Connell co-hosted this morning and the Brown Hornet crashed the Z parking lot to do a football drill for the coach....lunatic.

Posted by Kid from The Z 107.3 Morning Show! on Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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