Last Friday, the Z Morning Show featured the world premiere of Sarah's song 'Shifty Ass Jack', a song about her toddler son.

It all started during conversations with Kid and Sarah discussing the many antics of Jack. He's always been a wild child but within the past few weeks he's been able to climb out of his crib, escape his pack'n'play, open kitchen cabinets and get into the fridge.

Kid came up with a new name for Jack, which inspired the title for a new song that Sarah put together for the world to know how much of a handful her son Jack really is.

After a few hours of writing and composing, Sarah came up with the break out song "Shifty Ass Jack."

Now, there's a video that includes the shiftiest of Jacks in his natural habitat- the crib (yes, the crib he can now escape from). Notice the crib has now transformed to it's day bed version, since no wooden slats can hold this guy back.

Feel free to make your own version and link it in the YouTube comments below the video!

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