What can we say about 2020?  It was a year of the coronavirus pandemic, political division and cultural wars. Globally, attention was focused on these things and it's all we saw in the news and all we talked about on social media.

Luckily, here in Maine, the pandemic wasn't too much of a burden for the majority of 2020. Yeah, there became election fatigue with all of the Susan Collins vs. Sara Gideon stuff but, in the scheme of things, this annoyance was really the least of our issues.  And, cultural division had its place here in the state, but not to the degree of what other states and cities in the nation were going through.

Despite these things going on, our attentions could be taken away from all of that stuff and focused on what was going on here at home -- things that were important to you, your neighbors and your community.

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Topics that trended here in Maine included news reporters showing a little more skin then we had ever seen from them before, expensive properties that made us dream a little, fantastic events happening in the skies, and even places to go right here in our backyards here in this beautiful state.

We took a look at the topics that trended here in Maine for the whole year of 2020 and compiled a list as a sort of walk down the memory lane of 2020 which shows what us Mainers chose to know more about during a hell of year.

So, here we go - comets, local newscasters, Carole Baskin, Family Dollar, Stephen King, Zoom classes and more!  Here's the 20 top trending stories for Maine in 2020:

Top Stories of 2020 in Bangor

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