A few Z listeners have either burned, or got burned on April Fools Day

Sunday is April 1st, and that means someone will play a prank on you, or someone you know! We went back into the Z Morning Show archives to find some great pictures, and stories that listeners have shared with us over the years. If you have some upcoming shenanigans planned, make sure you share it with us!

My favorite is my friend Pete's photo of his workspace getting wrapped in 12 rolls of aluminum foil.


He even got a pic from the perpetrators themselves!


Nikki Robichaud shared this picture from her workplace...imagine all the people yelling at the copier (Although I do most everyday)


Meghan Knowles explains this prank on her unsuspecting husband


"Hubby wasn't happy.."Honk and wave for no reason, its April Fools and hubby forgot!" Told me all the crazies were out honking at him.. Until he got to work and saw his tailgate."

She made it up to him with a cake!


Here some other stories listeners have shared with us!!

"I work a Dunkin and I made my co workers coffee had her try it to make sure it was ok. Then when she wasn't looking i put a ketchup packet at the bottom so the straw was in it. Hilarious right"

"I switched out the orange juice with water and macroni and cheese packet cheese"

"My boyfriend sat me down, and told me the land lord called and our dog couldn't live here anymore. Worst "prank" ever"

" I covered my face with my hands pretending to cry(or should I say keep from laughing). Then I informed my husband that I was pregnant!!! Here's the kicker, I'm 53 hrs. old. And for a moment he actually believed me. DUMB ASS!!!"

"Before I left for school I opened all the cupboards in the kitchen and then left and when my mom woke up she texted me and sent me pictures saying "did you do this" she thought something broke into the house or a ghost did it lol"

"Yesterday I was at work and my client decided that he wanted to prank me.. He pretended like he was going to take a nap around 9 and set his alarm to sound like his phone was ringing for about 9:30 of course I didn't know this at the time. So when the phone goes off he answers it like a normal phone call well he says it's from my supervisor, then continue to carry on a normal conversation with her until they started talking about me.. He went on and on about how he wasn't too happy that I left work about 5 minutes early the day before and he was making it seem like my supervisor was very angry with me also. Then he said to the fake person that he was talking to "she's right here, why do you want to talk to her?" still at the time I didn't realize that it was a fake phone call so I'm sitting there worried because I thought I did something wrong and I was about to get in some kind of trouble. So he handed me the phone and I said with a very nervous voice "hello" and as I said that he turned very red and busted out laughing as he said APRIL FOOLS. There was no one on the other line. :/ He got me good..."

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