Oh oh, better bring in the lawn furniture.

This week, the folks at NOAA predicted a 45% chance of an "above-normal" Atlantic hurricane season.  They've also predicted a 70% chance of 11 to 17 "named" storms, those with winds 39 MPH or higher, and 5 to 9 of those could become hurricanes.

Want even more intimidating news? Two to four of those hurricanes could become "major", with winds of 111 MPH or higher!  Whoa, Mother Nature can really blow!

NOAA attributes this prediction to a weak or non-existent El Nino.

According to the NOAA website, an average season will see 12 storms that are named, and six of those will become hurricanes, with 3 becoming major.

NOAA.Gov image
NOAA.Gov image

So it looks like there's a very slight above average chance that someday this summer you may have to bring in that table umbrella from the back deck before it blows into the next town.

Although, the last hurricane to hit Maine dead on was Bob, back on August 20th, 1991. Bob produced wind gusts of 77 MPH along the Maine coast. Before that, it was Gloria in September of 1985. So, it looks like a hurricane must really work hard to hold its muster before it makes it way to the Pine Tree State.

For more on hurricanes that have affected New England, go HERE.

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