Hello dudes and dudettes....it is time once again for Sarah and J. Stew to tell it like like it is. It's time to have a chat about all the crazy stuff that happened this week around Maine, and boy was it a crazy one!

This week we discuss Isabel Trogdon, the awesome young girl from Carmel who gave it her all at the school talent show, and in the process taught all the adults a thing or two about staying positive and just being awesome in general.

We also look at a video of a moose running past a car at a stop sign in Fort Kent. It went pretty viral on Facebook as well. We Mainers love our meeses to pieces!

And lastly, Danielle "Cash Me Ousside" Bregoli is getting her own reality show! Ugh. Which also leads us straight into our Facebook Comment of the Week!

So buckle up, kids and enjoy the ride that we call, WHAZ NEWZ!!!!

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