Hello kiddies! It is time once again for Sarah and J Stew to bring you all the awesome newZ in the Bangor area and beyond. Boy have we got a lot to discuss this week too. What a crazy week!

First we have a chat about the passing of Verne Troyer who passed away this week. He was most famously remembered as Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies, but also spent a bit of time in Bangor at Comic-Con, and posed for a fantastic photo in front of the Paul Bunyan statue. We also talk about the Earth Day tradition of riding around naked up on the UMaine campus, covered in maybe a thong here and there, and smattering of body paint. And lastly, we talk about creepy Paul Bunyan peeking in hotel room windows, and through the parking garage.

And as always....don't forget the Facebook comment of the week from Teague Palmer. Always a treat to hear what our listeners have to say!

Also, since this is J Stew writing this, I feel the need to say that the whole me-being-late-for-filming thing was blown way out of proportion. FAKE NEWS!!!!! But since I am the 2018 Chili Cook Off Champ...so please address me as such. Thank you. Except for Kid, he'll probably just call me Company Boy.

And remember....stay cool Bangor!

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