Hello boys and ghouls....

This week on WhaZ NewZ, we posed a very serious question for this time of year...

What is the absolute nastiest, grossest, makes you run-screaming-into-the-night Halloween candy?

Sarah and I certainly had our opinion, and we also asked a ton of people around the office. And they all had their opinion too. Although, I disagreed with a ton of those answers. Like, who hates Twix and candy corn?! That's just crazy talk!!

But as we dig through all the comments from our post on Facebook, overwhelmingly, y'all reeeeaallly hate black licorice. Which I 100% agree with. Black licorice was born inside the devil, and only comes onto this mortal coil in secret rituals that are designed to destroy humanity.

Adam Jones, and all three of his kids agree, too.

And Adam, because you and the kids agree so wholeheartedly, you have won our Facebook Comment of the Week!!! Stop by anytime and pick up your patented WhaZ NewZ mug, bruh!!

Anyway, that covers it for this week. We'll be back soon with more Halloween stuff. Because, you know....can you really get enough?!

Until then....stay cool, Bangor....

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