J Stew and Sarah here....

When we were discussing WhaZ NewZ this week, it became immediately apparent that we needed to do a sweet re-cap of this week's craziness. Because of all of you who came out, we were able to collect 2,777 turkeys to go to Penquis CAP!!! Their goal was 5,000 birds, so you guys helped come up with over half that number. Absolutely incredible!!!!

And let's talk about what a good sport Kid was through the whole process. Day 1, he was almost rained right out of there. At one point, even the generator went out. But he powered through. Day 2, it was brutally cold out. The temps never really got out of the teens, and the wind was howling. We even lost one of our big banners, and it flew across the road. But by the end of the day that day, you guys had already gotten us to over 1,500 turkeys.

Day 3, everything really kind of just took off. The weather was cooperating, and folks just kept coming in with tons of donations. Countless local business donated, and even engaged in some healthy competition trying to out-donate each other. So awesome to watch.

All in all, you really couldn't have asked for a better drive. We beat last year's total, and did some great work to help out the community. But we can't stress enough....it's you guys that really did the most. You came together as a community, and showed people all over, that the spirit of giving is alive and well in these parts.

So I just have to say....... You're really frikkin' cool Bangor. And beyond.

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