Well ladies and laddies, it's time once again for WhaZ NewZ...your weekly scoop on the poop that keeps you in the loop!

This week we talked a lot about your parenting style. Not in a remotely judgmental way, we were just curious how y'all did it. Do you frantically search about and panic, or are you just as cool as the other side of the pillow when it comes to getting the job done? Maybe you like to spoil your kids, maybe you let them do it all by themselves.

There's no right or wrong answer, we just wanted to know how you went about it. So we went Facebook Live earlier this week to get your answers. And then Sarah followed it up with a killer post about basically assigning you a parent type that is Bangor-inspired, based on your particular flavor of back to school preparedness.

And that naturally led to our Facebook Comment of the Week from Mike - Tammy Mehlhorn, which led to them, he/she winning our much coveted WhaZ NewZ mug!!

Newz Mugz

Just remember....this cool prize could be yours! You just have to play along with our zany adventures!

Anyhoo.....until next week Bangor and beyond.....do what the mug tells you.

J Stew

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