WhaZZup muchachos and muchachas! There's some new and exciting features this week...Like Sarah punishing me with her jealous words about me winning Employee of the Month. But...First and foremost, you have an opportunity to win a sweet prize this week! You just gotta watch the video and get all the sweet details at the end.

We'll take a stab at that Yanny/Laurel thing. Hard to say who's right and who's wrong. All I know is that it has something to do with your hearing? The debate may never end. Heck, I still can't tell whether that dress thing from a couple years ago was blue, white, or gold, or whatever.

We also have a new segment called Sarah Fails At Internet Things. She will show us all about the hot new trend of bearding your nails. It looks as icky as it sounds, but hey...she tried right? Where's that 2nd place trophy at?!

Also, if you have some serious expertise in the food service ownership/management department, there's a spot in Dexter waiting for you! They're willing to give up the space rent free for a whole year while you're getting your feet under you. Could be an amazing opportunity for the right person...

And as always, there's more of the good old magic that Sarah and I like to share with you every week. Trust me, if you find any of it funny, imagine how much fun we have laughing at how silly we are.

And don't forget to watch til the end to find out how to win a sweet $25 gift card from Amazon!

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