Have you ever thought about owning your own business? I can tell you from personal experience, that it's a lot of tough work. It can be extremely rewarding, but you will definitely earn every penny you make. There's no short cuts for doing it the right way. You need a solid business plan, you need deep knowledge of the industry you intend to be a part of, and above all, money.

However, there's a fellow in Dexter that may be able to help you out with part of this plan. Frank Spizuoco posted a video via the Dexter, Maine Barter, Swap, and Sell page, that he called The Dexter Challenge. After trying may different avenues to gain interest in purchasing his space and striking out, he took to social media with a video, offering to let the space go rent free for a whole year, including the taxes, if he can find the right candidate. You'll just pay your own utilities.

Naturally, he's looking for someone with previous food experience, and also an ability to properly crunch the numbers and keep it running. So no, he will not likely give it to someone with just a dream, but no hands-on experience. So be ready with a solid business plan full of insight into the community, and what might work best in a small town like Dexter, cost control, etc.

There were some humorous points he made too as far as the right candidate. For instance, if you're the type to lounge around all day in your PJ's watching Jerry Springer re-runs, Frank is not interested in you. If you're not prepared with a solid plan, and relevant experience, again, not interested.

If you do feel up to the challenge, the place is practically a turn-key business. There's a 10 burner stove, tons of refrigeration and freezer space, an ice cream machine, a brick oven, office space upstairs to keep your paperwork pile out of your customer's faces. Even a killer deck outside!

Trust me, if you've got the skills and the drive, this is an amazing opportunity. Rent free for a year, with a five year lease?! Heck, where do I sign up? Sure, you'll work harder than you ever have in my life. But if it becomes successful, you will be rewarded in ways that reach far beyond finance.

So sharpen your knives, and sharpen your pencil, and maybe give this rare opportunity some thought. Good luck!

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