At least we don't think there's a right answer. It seems like everyone is right and everyone is wrong. But how can that be?

The debate, which started on Reddit and continued on Twitter, is the audio equivalent of the Tumblr classic, "Is this dress blue or gold?"

Turns out it has something to do with frequencies or your speakers or maybe what you expect to hear. We can't really say for sure. All we know is this four-second clip is dividing friends, families and coworkers.

What is a "yanny," anyways? It's nothing, that's what. That being the case, we figure the robot voice must be saying "laurel." At least it's a name. It's also a type of tree with dark, glossy leaves. Bet you didn't know that.

Anyways, take a listen and tell us what you hear: "Yanny" or "Laurel?"

When we first heard this clip we only heard "laurel." When we listened using our fancy studio headphones and heard "yanny" first, then "laurel."

Even Bangor's famous resident Stephen King is starting to lose his mind over this maddening clip.

Our heads hurt, as you can tell by the audio clip below from the Z Morning Show.

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