It's been 23 years since Z107.3 hosted the first Free the Z Turkey Drive.

Because of you, it has collected thousands of turkeys for needy families in the area. This year, we're partnering with the good folks at Penquis CAP.

This year our goal is 2023 turkeys, one more than last year. Thanks to all of you, we have always met our goal, and many times we've crushed it! In 2015, we had more than 3,500 turkeys!

Donate $10 for one turkey right now by texting FREETHEZ at 44321 or stop by the Brewer Hannaford parking lot right now and drop off a bird or your donation.

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Kid from the Z Morning Show hosts the event, and he can't leave the parking lot until the last turkey is collected. It's not so bad, though. He can sleep in a Winnebago provided by one of the event's many sponsors. There's even a television in there this year. There's a tent and a generator, too. There wasn't even a tent when it first started, but it's come a long way -- again because of the local businesses who sponsor the event.

It's succeeded, too, because of the generosity of the station's listeners. Hundreds of people each year donate turkeys (or money -- $10 equals one turkey) to the cause.

Regulars come together again to talk about past years and all the things that happened during those three days (and two cold nights) in a grocery store parking lot in November.

First, there's the weather. November can be a tough month, and the conditions in the parking lot have featured cold, snow, and even some flooding.

Then there are the people. Some people donate one turkey. Others donated 25. School buses full of children come each year to drop off their donations and get their photos taken with the morning show team. One man, who remains anonymous, comes each year and quietly hands Kid a check for $2,000. One year it was for $2,500.

Truth is, every day at the turkey drive is nice because of you guys.

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