Alright, ladies- how do you impress your man?

If you are running out of ways to shock and impress than do we have the greatest trend for you this season.

You've done the glitter butt thing and the feather brow thing.  Now, it's time for another SEXY trend.

Beard nails.

Yes, beard nails.

What man doesn't want to be caressed with long tickley nails and facial hair?

Anyone...?  Anyone....?  Bueller...?

Each nail includes a nose and different kind of facial hair design.  The Chevron mustache aka the Sellick?  The Handlebar mustache?  It's your nails- you choose!

Here's a site to help you care for your newly acquired facial hair for your nails as well as a style guide to choose which mustache or board you want for your nails.

Would you try out this trend?  If you have something just as crazy... er, creative, take a picture and maybe we'll feature it in a future article!

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