Alright e'rybody.......It's time for this week's WHAZ NEWZ......

Sarah had a chance to sit down with Mary Winchenbach.

They had a nice chat about the moose poop wares that she sells. You may have seen her pretty much everywhere on Facebook this week, as her video from the Common Ground Fair last weekend has pretty much gone viral.

So Sarah and I checked it out and had our usual bevy of "intelligent" things to say. Even though most of our comments were crap. (Haha...see what I did there?!)

And we got a wicked decent comment from Joanne Harper, who for totally legit reasons, didn't seem as taken with these Feces Pieces as the rest of us were:

Anypoo.... We hope you're weekend is supa dupa, and that you have many opportunities to....

Stay cool, Bangor.

J & S

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