You've seen this viral video going around in the State of Maine and have probably wondered who is this lady selling Moose poop crafts?  What's her deal?

Her name is Mary Winchenbach.  She resides in Somerville, Maine.  She happened to comment on the Facebook post of the Z's related to the hilarious video of her being shared.

I contacted her and got a chance to get her up to Brewer to our studios to have a sit down and get to know her.

It's a fantastic story really.  She's been making these crap crafts for 15 years and had been selling them in the craft show circuit for a while. She decided to take some time off of doing craft shows to focus on raising three adopted special needs children and to work a couple of jobs.

This past weekend at the Common Ground Fair in Unity was the first weekend in several years that she and her partner would be back in the craft circuit after a long break.  It only took one fascinated person and a Facebook post for 'Mary the Moose Turd Lady' to be shared throughout this area and who knows where else.

The video currently has 1.3 million views, but the number keeps growing by the minute.

We sat down with Mary to know what inspired her to get into the Moose poop business, to see what her thoughts are behind this popular video and to see what her plans are in the future.

Check it out!


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