Well ladies and gentlemen...Here we are again, and boy, this week didn't disappoint as far as fun/weird things to discuss, so let's get to it!

First, we debunk the mysterious Sturgeon photo that has been making the rounds again on social media. Someone posted it online saying it was spotted in the Penobscot River, but the photo has been making the rounds on the internet for years. It's actually a photo of a sturgeon from British Columbia. If fish that big were in the Penobscot, we'd never leave my house!

Then we move on to the tick-splosion that is going to be haunting us this summer. There's a lot you can do to protect yourself, long pants, long sleeves, etc...but we also get into identifying the creepy little critters as well thanks to a game you can play online!

Lastly, we talk about hoe Bangor finally had a taste of summer this week. WABI's Todd Simcox confirmed we had a high of 88 degrees that, where Miami, FLA only reached 79! How often are we warmer than Florida?!

And bonus this week....we have a surprise sign-off from a radio legend here in the building.

Always whirlwind around these parts!!! Enjoy the sweet video, and remember....stay cool Bangor!!! Unless we can get it back up to 88. In that case, be hot Bangor!

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