Tick season seems never ending here in Maine which is why we may want to know more about these little bugs that seem to encroaching closer and closer to our properties and onto our pets and even yourself!

Check out this tick identification game that the Maine Center for Disease Control has created and posted to their website.  It's available at their website and features four kinds of ticks that you need to capture, identify and figure out which diseases they can carry and transmit.

So, I practiced a bit before I made this quick video but, you can check out how to win below.  What is important is being able to learn the difference between the bad ticks and the really bad ticks.

Here's a link to the game so you can play.

Tick's are associated with carrying Lyme disease which has been an increasing illness in the state of Maine.  The Maine CDC has information concerning ticks and transmission, including this map generated here which tells how many cases of Lyme disease were reported from 2003 to 2013 in Maine are a cause of tick transmission and where these Lyme cases are in Maine.

Credit: Maine CDC website
Credit: Maine CDC website

For more information about ticks, check out the Maine CDC website.

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