Dudes and dudettes....

It is time once again for WHAZ NEWZ!!!!

So Sarah and I got curious at the beginning of the week, what your thoughts were about Christmas shopping. We were curious if you had tendency to spoil your kids, or if you went for more of an experience with your gift giving. And honestly, you folks had some extremely thoughtful answers. It's obviously a subject that a bunch of you have considered very carefully, and we feature a few of your responses in the video.

But of course....there can only be one FACEBOOK COMMENT OF THE WEEK!!!

And this week, that went to Kerri Tardif!

We both enjoyed her cheeky answer. And I think it's safe to say, her kids are probably getting a lot more than Ramen for Christmas. But you never know....so behave kids!

Anyhoo....That's WhaZ NewZ for this week. We'll be back next week with some sort of crazy, hair-brained scenario for us to have fun with. Until then.....

Stay cool, Bangor!

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