There is nothing quite like a Maine baked bean suppah, bub!

A long-standing tradition in Maine, is a weekend baked bean supper. I can remember when I got my first apartment, and I was a little low on cash, my roommate at the time, and I would occasionally go hit one up. It was always a good, solid meal, at a fair price. And, it also was a way to help the church pay its utility bills.

Items like baked beans, casseroles, rolls, butter, hot dogs, cole slaw, salads, brown bread, jello salads, beverage and desser, can all be found on the menu.

The Maine Bean Supper dates back centuries and may have its roots with the Pilgrims who made baked beans and brown bread the night before so as not to work on the Sabbath.

It has become a cornerstone of many Maine communities, and is usually held on the first Saturday of each month at local churches.

The goobers from Welcome To Maine, recently posted a video about this very State of Maine experience. These 100% Mainah boys, Troy and Mark, have a Facebook page and YouTube channel, called "Welcome To Maine" that pokes fun at all the things that make the state of Maine so unique to the rest of the country.

They have covered it all, from red snapper hot dogs, fiddleheads, whoopie pies, ticks, Italian sandwiches, Stephen King's house, Paul Bunyan, and Allen's Coffee Brandy, so it was only a matter of time before a Saturday bean supper got a moment to shine.

In reality, it turns out that Tory and Mark are actually comedians, James Theberge and Ian Stuart. You can see them perform regularly at The Maine Comedy All-Stars shows,and at various places across the state.

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