Maine is somewhat famous for baked beans, but do you eat them?

It seems like there is a day for just about everything, and sure enough, this Thursday, January 6, is National Bean Day. And much like Maine’s other famous delicacy, Moxie, baked beans seem to elicit either intense love or a burning hatred. Personally, I think they are great, but not everyone shares my opinion.

When the sad news broke last year of the iconic B&M Baked Beans factory in Portland, halting production of this much-beloved delicacy, to make way for a tech grad school and research center, it seemed like a good time to revisit my love of all things beans, and Sarah's fear of them. Good times.

So why don’t we put it up for a vote! That seems to be the best way to solve these types of issues!

In February of 2020, just literal days before COVID-19 shut the world down, it was a carefree day on the show, when I happened to mention how much I love baked beans, it prompted several listeners to drop cans off at the station, all with the sole purpose of grossing Sarah out. Then, we decided to take it next level. You should know, that at this particular time, pre-pandemic, Sarah was in the same room as me in the on-air studio, so the smell of those beans wafted directly into her face, prompting her to cover her face and nose with her hoodie. Yes, it was that rank in here. Now we are separated by glass and a very convenient door. Smart girl, that Sarah.

During a Facebook Live video, I proceeded to eat an entire can with a spork/slash ladle, while on the air, best of all, I slathered it with mustard, much to the horror of Miss Sarah. Somehow, someway, more than 7,000 people decided to watch this for some reason.

Vote away, and we will post the results later this week!

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