Hey Maine, one of the burning questions of our time must be answered!

People in Maine, and New England for that matter, are very familiar with Shaw’s and Hannaford. They have locations scattered throughout the state, but when it comes down to personal preference things get a little heated. Hannaford definitely has the edge on the number of Maine towns where they have locations, with 41, while Shaw's has 19.

Almost everyone I know has a very specific feeling about where they like to go shopping, and they usually remain fiercely loyal to one or the other. Some people like the selection of products to choose from. Some people like that when they go to the same place every week, they know where everything is so they can get in and out. Some people like the selection of produce. I have a friend who prefers Hannaford because the lighting is better (Yes, you read that correctly) I have another friend who likes Shaw’s better because she thinks they have a better quality of everything in general. Also, I know folks who just like one or the other due to location.

So, we would love to know which one would be your choice. Shaw’s Supermarkets, or Hannaford Supermarkets?

Maybe you shop at the big boys, like Walmart, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s, or perhaps a mom & pop type of grocery store like Danforth’s in Hampden? We have an “Other” choice where you can enter your favorite.

This is like Coke or Pepsi, Democrat or Republican, iPhone or Android, or Burger King or McDonald’s. So vote away!

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