Maine's American Idol star is coming to town!

We have been waiting for the chance to see Julia Gagnon sing live in our neck of the woods, and the chance to do it is finally here.

You can catch her "Here In Maine Homecoming Tour" at the Sports Arena in Bangor, on Saturday, August 31st, at 7pm

One comment on their Facebook page said it all

This just goes to show you don't need to win AGT or American idol to be a star!! So proud of you!. Keep shining on.

Tickets are $20-$30 and can be purchased here

After her incredible run this Spring, where she defied the odds and made the Top 7 on American Idol, Julia Gagnon, who is from Cumberland, is back home after several months in Los Angeles. Now she is ready to explore the state performing this summer.

Bangor isn't Julia's only stop in Maine, there are a bunch of dates this summer in the 207 that you can enjoy:

July 5th-Liberty Festival-Lewiston, Maine
July 12th-Union Fair Wild Blueberry Festival-Union, Maine
July 13th-Moxie Festival-Lisbon, Maine
July 17th-Twin Brooks-Cumberland, Maine
July 19th-Clam Festival-Yarmouth, Maine
July 20th-Clam Festival-Yarmouth, Maine
July 21st-Claws & Country Festival-Brunswick, Maine
July 26th-Johnson Hall-Gardiner, Maine
July 27h=Johnson Hall-Gardnier, Maine
August 3rd-The Grand-Ellsworth, Maine
August 4th-Maine Lobster Festival-Rockland, Maine
August 6th-Monmouth Theater-Monmouth, Maine
Augsut 14th-Lantern Festival-South Berwick, Maine

Don't miss your chance to see American Idol's Julia Gagnon, right here in Bangor, on Saturday, August 31st!

The Sports Arena is located at 1640 Hammond Street in Bangor

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