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Would you like to see a new dance club open in Bangor?

Half Acre Night Club in downtown Bangor closed its doors in December 2022, ending an 11-year run as the dancing destination in town.

The location had seen its share of controversy over the years.

These things seem to go in cycles. Way back in the day, The Bounty Tavern was the place to be on the weekends, eventually passing the baton to Barnaby's at the Ramada, which has since re-opened as Blue Sky Lounge.

After The Bounty Tavern ended its run of 20-plus years as Bangor's hottest dance club, Barnaby's was the place to be seen for well over a decade.

Affectionately known as "The Barnyard," if you were young and ready to dance and have a good time, it was the destination to cut loose on the weekends. Many people have fond memories of Barnaby's, myself included. I was a fill-in DJ there for many years, and it was definitely a blast to play music for those huge crowds that would gather on a Friday or Saturday night.

Barnaby's shut it down for good back in September of 2013, and Half Acre ruled the roost after that.

What's next for Bangor's club scene? There are a few spots in town where you can go and get your groove on, but for the last nine months, nothing new has opened that is strictly a current Top 40 dance club catering to a younger part of Bangor's nightlife.

Would you like to see something new come into town and become the next big thing?

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