It's a matter of personal taste, so in honor of National Hot Dog Day, let's see what you think!

Wednesday, July 19th, is National Hot Dog Day, so we are curious as to what your preference is.

When you think of summer, the beach, fireworks, and baseball all come to mind. But, let's not forget barbecues! Getting friends and family together is a great excuse to chow down, and that means hot dogs.

Here in Maine, we are a bit different from most of the country, because we have a taste for the red snapper hot dog. One way to know for sure that you are in Maine is when you notice certain brands of hot dogs in the grocery store are a shocking, bright red.

They earned the name “red snapper” because of the color, and the snap sound it makes when you take a bite. This is not a normal occurrence in other parts of the United States. Add in a top split bun, your condiment of choice, and you have a delicious summer treat.

However, not everyone feels this way. I have found that when the subject comes up, people have mixed opinions. Some prefer a regular hot dog and have no interest in the red snapper.

Let's see what you think! Vote for your favorite choice, and we will announce the results at the end of the week. By the way, we won't even bring up the condiment debate (although I enjoy both ketchup and mustard) We shall save that for another day. Vote away!

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