When you think of ‘Maine’, what do you think about? Delicate blueberries getting cooked into pies? Lobsters turning red as you boil them in hot water? Baked beans at a local bean suppah?

Our state is known for a lot of things and these things are known to be really, really good.

In an effort to travel the country without moving from their seat, a Reddit user asked users from each state to describe their state using one meal. Various publications took the Reddit thread and shared the results, mostly to see if residents agree.

I agree with Maine’s result but only because of the keyword “stereotypical”.

A Stereotypical Maine Meal

Now, if you ask Stephen King’s opinion, he’s not going to agree with the Reddit users. King believes an authentic Maine meal is hot dogs in spongy Nissen rolls, slow-baked beans, steamed fresh peas with bacon, whoopie pies, and macaroni and cheese with lobster bits.

As you can probably guess, that was not the unanimous decision that was made by Maine Reddit users.

The most stereotypical Maine meal?


Surprising, right?

Just like Tennessee is known for BBQ and Southern California known for tacos, Maine takes the cake when it comes to a good old fashioned lobster bake.

The Reddit users of Maine decided our most stereotypical Maine meal is a steamy lobster bake with clams on the side.

Stephen King, however, says clams simply look like snot in a shell, not the embodiment of a Maine dish.

Well, I do have to agree with the results. If you had to pick one meal that fully represents Maine, of course it’s going to be a lobster. Hell, ask anyone who isn’t from Maine and they’ll say the same thing.

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