If you haven't been tuning in to late night television shows recently, things have gotten a little strange over the last year. Most of the prominent late night hosts have been doing shows from home or inside empty studios, leaving the traditional opening monologue feeling odd. Why? Well, there's no laughs. There's no groans or gasps. There's no reaction at all. That leaves the host to wonder if what they're doing is really resonating at all. Which brings us to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this week. During Colbert's monologue, Maine was referenced. Seemingly spontaneously, Colbert busted out his best attempt at a Maine accent and well...

It isn't the worst attempt at a Maine accent that we've ever heard but it probably isn't winning any awards either. B- for effort, Colbert. While most of the attention will be paid to that accent impression, perhaps we should focus a little harder on what prompted Colbert to dive into it.

Apparently barbers and hairstylists are coming clean about the disasters they're seeing from people have been giving themselves haircuts for the last year or so. The best way to describe what the back of people's heads look like from their self-cuts is that "it looks like a map of Maine". Something tells us that might actually be true.


But if you're not from Maine, we do not have an official state haircut that we call "party in the front, lobstah in the back". Maybe we should?

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